Certified Violence Interdiction Specialist. Advancing Youth Development Accelerated Training! Donate Now WHAT WE DO, WORKS! RENEGADES FOR LIFE CHARITABLE YOUTH OUTREACH ORGANIZATION! Donate Now

Every life has value and until we see this put into practice there is no equality! Lead with love! We have changed the lives of families and youths through careful intervention by keeping them together and providing them with comprehensive tools that work for them and produce a better quality of life! Our Expertise is in youth and family counseling! info@gadesforlife.org


A charitable 501c3 Nonprofit Youth Outreach Organization! What we do, works and what works we continue to do!


Our youth, Our future, Our work! It is better to build STRONG kids than it is to fix BROKEN adults!


We have four distinct programs!
We offer Individual and group counseling! Mentoring! Youth activities! And After school!

Certified Violence Interdiction Specialist and Advancing Youth Development Accelerated Training and officially licensed by Orbis for Y.A.S.I a at risk case management software. We provide services to those impacted by gun violence and we also offer alternative solutions for Youth incarceration. We provide solutions to help reduce gun violence through a evidenced based (IPR) intervention, prevention, and restoration strategy in conjunction with our partnership with affiliate grassroot organizations.. We specialize in helping Youths ages 18- 24! All youth under the age of 17 must be enrolled by a parent. We serve families affected by the lack of services in our pursuit of SOCIAL JUSTICE! Currently, the Renegades For Life youth program directory does not represent actual provider capacity for childcare or other expanded learning opportunities. If you are a caregiver or first responder seeking immediate support with childcare, visit Childcare Aware of Washington or call their Family Center for direct assistance: 1-800-446-1114

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