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“A Renegades is someone who stands up for other people!”
Quote Saleem Robinson
​​​We have changed the lives of families and youths through careful intervention by keeping them together and providing them with comprehensive tools that work for them and produce a better quality of life! Our Expertise is in youth and family counseling! info@gadesforlife.org

Mr. Saleem Robinson Executive Director/Founder
​Renegades For Life Inc. founded in 2016
Studying Social Work 

Enrolled at Seattle University 2022
E.I.N: 81-4055471

Renegades For Life Inc. was formed as a result of the continuing rise in violence and the lack of services to those impacted by it. Saleem Robinson it’s founder grew up in the inner city of Chicago and having witnessed and experienced violence during his teenage and adult years is what drives him every day to help solve it and that has been his calling for the last 7 yrs. He spent a lot of his time as a troubled youth who was deeply involved in the urban street life where he found respect and the endearing love of his elders. Because of his wit, charisma and his street savvy acumen he rose up the ladder of leadership. He was known as someone straight forward and with resolve and whenever he spoke others seem to listen with undivided attention. Later in life he realized he could use his influence to help steer and guide the young as well as his elders. As he is well respected in his community for many reasons he is mostly respected for being one who pursued academics and used it to articulate his views about what was happening in his community, why and how he and others could change it. He had always wanted to be a youth counselor at a very early age and after having went back to school where he is studying Social Work. He is finally able to help serve the youth population of Seattle where he started the Renegades For Life Inc Youth organization and there’s also another chapter in his hometown of Chicago that he oversees. to date Renegades For Life Inc is mobilizing in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable communities, the low income and the disadvantage including immigrants!  They have changed the lives of families and youths through careful intervention by keeping them together and providing them with comprehensive tools that work for them and produces a better quality of life! As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that exists to moderate the negative impacts of apathy and lack of dynamic virtual mentorship programming and assistive services for the vulnerable youth population of King County, and the greater Seattle area and Chicago’s, Cook County. Executive Director Saleem understands the complex challenges that many of our youths face on a daily basis! He has volunteered his time to work with the Make a wish foundation, kids with special needs! He has volunteered to serve at the local Boys and girls club of America, he has mentored, and counseled young adults who have fallen in the unseen cracks of our society due to drugsgangs, peer pressureteen pregnancy, or the lack of sufficient role models to help guide and stabilize them during the most vulnerable times of their development, their adolescent years! He understands that each personality has its own unique challenges and must be careful guided! He was once one of those whom fell into the cracks at an early age and was encouraged by his mentor Dr. Bobby Gore the founder of a community organization in the North Lawndale area on Chicago’s West side, an area known to many as the Holy city, to pursue a higher education in order to avoid letting the influences of many of the prevalent social ills from taking a grip on his life! After moving to Seattle in 1997 Saleem has studied Psychology, Social Work and Political Science and is currently enrolled in Seattle University Undergraduate program in Social Work and aspires to graduate at the top of his classes! He believes that we all must lead by example and truly be the message that we bring! He believes that we as a society must invest time and resources into helping our youths the new age Renegades to build a solid platform for them to stand on and allow them equal and fair opportunities to succeed! He also believes that their lives are valuable and precious.
Saleem believes that we as a society must make a collective effort to guide, as well as nurture them toward a constructive and productive livelihood! That we must be the hat to shelter their heads as we help them to get them together and that we must be that cane, a staff of strength to support them during these trying times! These are the guiding principles that have made a difference in his life and thousands of others and he believes that it is his responsibility to carry and promote these principles to all poor and oppressed people, color nationwide! And if we should ever abandon or stray away from these concepts and principles that we will surely fall into retrogression! The beginning of a nation starts in the home! A rising tide lifts all boatsI am you and you are me! Saleem believes that our minds are for the same cause, our lives are for a new nation and our souls are bound for the same destination! His wish is to teach and train them so that they can become useful to themselves, their families and their communities as a whole! I come as I am, I am as I come! A Renegade for life!

Our youth, Our future, Our work!

It is better to build STRONG kids than it is to fix BROKEN adults!
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