“I don’t want any of you to be afraid of changing!
I want you to be afraid of the consequences of not changing!”

Quote Saleem Robinson


Certified Violence Interdiction Specialist and Advancing Youth Development Accelerated Training. The youth care programs are designed to help and support families and youth who have suffered emotional, social, and behavioral challenges as a result of gun violence. Also, these programs teach foundational Non violent conflict resolution skills to youth. Renegades For Life Inc. is known for providing Intervention, prevention and restoration to those impacted by gun violence in Seattle. Our main objective is to ensure that people who experience emotional, social, and any other challenges related to gun violence, achieve stability in their life. We have already offered help to hundreds of families and children by providing them with the best case management and training they may require to produce a good quality of life.



​Our staff is trained who have a live experience connects with the communities that we serve. Through sheer dedication and individual efforts, our programs increase youth’s ability to focus on better things and help them build a better future. We offer different programs for young adults in Seattle. We also serve as an alternative to juvenile prison.


Housing and shelter

We provide Housing resources because shelter is essential for every individual as this is the foundation of stability and dignity. Housing provides the individual a sense of security to heal, develop healthy relationships, and so they can move forward in life. Renegades For Life Inc housing programs help youth pursue employment & education opportunities and develop high-class skills to build a brighter future. We also relocate families affected by gun violence.


Engagement centers & street outreach

Renegades For Life Inc. provides hot spot remediation engagements for needy people. These pop up events are taylored to specific demographics, people can come for a meal, connect with supportive services, get safe sex materials, listen to music ect. Our engagement services help youth and adults build relationships, trust, and empathy. Our youth outreach programs in Seattle, WA captures youth who experience problems in life and help them bring stability in life and foster growth. Also, our street outreach programs help people meet their basic needs like food and water. Our staff and volunteers offer food, water, hygiene supplies to people and case management. These pop up events help young people so that they can also contribute to making our communities safer.


Our Early intervention and specialized services support youth who are deemed high risk. Our staff include both those with lived experience and professional adults which allow us to provide various specialized services like: Intervention, prevention, and restoration.



Our bridge collaborative program provides resources directly to those who are in the hospital after being impacted by gun violence.  Along with this, we offer trauma-informed care in Seattle to people so that they can heal.


Certified Violence Interdiction Specialist and Advancing Youth Development Accelerated Training focusing on Youth Development Services.

Education programs

We encourage education because it is very important in helping to reduce gun violence and Youth incarceration. Education helps young people to choose their peers carefully and foster good decisions.



We intervene to stop retaliation and thus prevent future violence.


Renegades For Life Inc. is mobilizing to response to the impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable communities, the low income and the disadvantage including immigrants. We have changed the lives of families and youths through careful intervention by keeping them together and providing them with comprehensive tools that work for them and produces a better quality of life! By providing Individual and group counseling with multi-systemic therapy! Highlights include: Intervention: A treatment targeting multiple factors linked to anti-social juvenile behavior! Multi-systemic Therapy is a treatment for juveniles offenders that uses a combination of empirically-based treatments (e.g. cognitive behavior therapy, behavioral parent training, functional family therapy) to address multiple variables (i.e. family, school, peer groups) that have shown to be factors in juvenile behavior! Each youth will be assigned a support therapist who will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Multi-systemic Therapy’s overall goals are to improve the youth’s ability to make good decisions choosing his/her peer group and the family’s ability to monitor his/her behavior. And we offer Trauma informed care! . We will be offering TRAUMA INFORMED CARE because the impact of trauma is far reaching and affects every aspect of health. By implementing trauma informed care approach, both staff and clients work together in a framework of wellness that produces improved outcomes! The organization’s projects, to be implemented by a well-trained staff, emphasize character development and individual change from the inside out. ​Specifically, Renegades For Life Inc. utilizing power-building strategies including but not limited to digital organizing, membership development and outreach, narrative development, direct action seeks to transform the lives of children and youth within the communities of King County, Washington, by providing no-cost counseling services, evidence-based therapies for those affected by COVID-19!

Mentoring: virtual Youth mentorship, and extra-curricular activities while practicing social distancing. Educational/Alcohol and drugs/Career opportunities/Access to higher education/Gang involvement/Family problems/Access to Social services/
Youth activities: Spiritual awareness/field trips/group games/sports
After school: Homework aide/leisure