“​If you don’t listen to your kids, they are not going to listen to you!”
Quote Saleem Robinson


The process of matching the mentors with the ones who are looking out for a responsible and caring adult in their life is called youth mentoring. Adult mentors are not related to teens or children; instead, they are the volunteers through a school or community for the social services programs. Renegades for Life Inc. provide youth care mentoring programs in Seattle. These individuals aim to work on the well-being of children by assisting them with a role model who supports them personally, academically, and socially. The goal for the same can be achieved through communication, school work, or activities. The model by Renegades for Life Inc. is courageous, distinct, and proven. We have created a long-term professional program for mentoring in the country and building sustainable relations with youth.



Most Benefits:

Our team selects the children who could reap out the most benefits from the relations with Seattle youth mentors. Our targeted group of youth has some varied interests, big dreams, and unique talents. We aim to majorly focus on kids or children who have lived a traumatic life and have faced systematic obstacles. We have tie-ups with communities and organizations that help us identify children who could get the most benefits from these programs.

Trained Team:

The team associated with us is entirely dedicated to supporting and empowering youth along with their caregivers. Bringing the mentors out of the volunteers is the only key to getting consistency, quality, and commitment to the families and children who deserve the help. Each mentor spends at least three to four hours with their assigned children to assist them thoroughly.


Long Term:

We commit long-term assistance to your kids, from their kindergarten to their graduation. We will be with them till they need us.

Relationship-Based Work:

Each child gets a dedicated mentor who spends at least 14-16 hours with the kid, mentor, and assisting them. The mentors design and set goal-based activities for mentees that help kids build up the goals and life skills. They will also create experiences exploring the kids’ unique interests and talents. These individuals focus on the emotional and social development of the youth.


Remote Assistance:

Our mentors will spend time with the youth at even there, homes and communities. It help in creating consistency and stability, as they will act as an advocate and support in school, spend time with the kids in their neighborhood building the connections, and acting as a trusted person at home.

Evaluate and Improve:

We evaluate all the measures of the child, measure and also will work the best for their improvements.



There are different types of youth mentoring programs in Seattle.

The three most common of them are listed below:
Adult-Adolescent Mentor Programs: In this, adolescents are provided with concerned adult attention. They also develop relationships with youth and also give a chance to them to learn.
With Adult-Adult Mentor youth care programs in Seattle Programs: In this, the adult gives the training to the others on the job for the replacements or new job placements.
Adolescent-Adolescent Mentor Programs: This is majorly focused on providing academic performances to the kids.


The focuses on nine researched qualities of the child work for their improvements and have named these nine qualities as the nine core assets of the youth mentoring in Seattle. It ensures the emotional and social development of the child, with a solid foundation for success in the future.

Growth Mindset: Improving the abilities through Effort and Dedication.
Belonging: Understanding where they feel accepted and counting the contributions.
Hope: Hope to get the tough times better with time.
Problem Solving: How to measure the pros and cons of the situations.
Preserving and Gift: Work hard for the challenges and finish the started task.
Self-management: Should know how to manage the feeling and take care of them.
Self Determination: Set the goals and achieve them.
Spark: Use their creativity to explore their passions.
Positive Relations: Find supportive people.



We call our mentors the friends of the kids, because youth mentoring programs in Seattle are more than just a job, and the mentors tend to form a lasting relationship with their kids for over years. They support kids by:

  • Spending time on behalf of the child at school working with the teachers for their assignments, academic plans and also empowering the youth.
  • They also tend to build more connections with the youth who share the resources or interests in the same communities.
  • Exploring the interests of the kids through new mediums, taking them for outings and trips, visiting an art class or library.
  • Connecting the youth to internship opportunities, informational and scholarship interviews.
  • Being the constant adult in the child’s life.


Renegades for life Inc is a nonprofit organization providing mentoring programs for middle and high school youth in Seattle, Washington, and the Greater Chicago area. We have changed the lives of families and youths through careful intervention by keeping them together and providing them with comprehensive tools that work for them and produce a better quality of life! The program will form partnerships with local school districts and the juvenile court system. Renegades for life Inc’s goal is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be reestablished that will give youth the commitment to follow through on the path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Renegades for life Inc is a program that is in direct response to the growing number of young people that are either falling through the cracks at school or are already entangled with the juvenile court system. The goal of the program is to identify youths who are going to have a turbulent transition to adulthood and offer a positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives. The focus is slightly different at each level but the goal remains the same; empower the young person to make positive changes in his/her life.

Renegades for life Inc will focus primarily on middle school youths. It is projected that within three years, 50% of the system’s students will be in middle school. This age group is particularly problematic and a perfect time for mentoring to be effective.

Renegades for life Inc mentoring programs will pair youth with a certified adult mentor for 12 months. During that time the two will participate in weekly planned activities to strengthen the relationship between the two and improve the young person’s confidence and hopefulness.  Mentors will receive continuous training throughout the year and will participate in monthly meetings to report the young person’s progress.

Over time, Renegades for life Inc will create a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource to young people, aspiring mentors, and the community at large.

Renegades for life Inc will setup four distinct mentoring programs:

    • Trailblazers: Trailblazers is the central program of Renegades for life! At risk, middle school students and their mentors participate in a structured program of support.
    • Turnaround: Turnaround focuses on students who are chronically suspended from middle and high schools.
    • Higher Ground: Higher ground engages youth involved in the juvenile court system.
    • The Dove: The Dove works with children from local elementary schools.


The mission of Renegades for life Inc is the pursuit of the following principles:
Commitment: Renegades for life Inc wants to inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future. I am you and you are me.
Responsibility: The focus of Renegades for life Inc is to empower youth in establishing goals and following through on commitments. Our minds are for the same cause!
Possibility: Renegades for life Inc wants to expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities. Mind over matter!
Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. Renegades for life Inc wants to surround young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment. A staff of support for each other in trying times and for a lifetime!

     Keys to Success


  • Establish a strong network of support with the school systems and the juvenile court system.
  • Launch a series of fundraising activities that will successfully fund the expanding program.
  • Establish an effective training program for mentors that will increase their ability to be successful communicators.
  • Establish an effective monitoring system to protect both the youth and the mentor.