“I don’t want any of you to be afraid of change!
I want you to be afraid of the consequences of not changing!”
Quote Saleem Robinson


As the name itself says, Youth Outreach Programs are designed to increase the youth’s outreaches and refer to some specific activities designed especially for the people aged between 10 and 25. The activities included in the youth outreach organization in Seattle are inclined towards youth developments through social life, education, intervention, and prevention. These programs generally cover up the topics like religion, sport, community service, outdoor education, youth activism, and youth service. Renegades for Like Inc. is also a part of Seattle youth organization to change the lives of families and youths by providing them will the essential tools. The organization is also planning to hold a conference, with some celebrity speakers. They will inform youth about the benefits of programs and change their life for good.


​With the conference at the organization for youth in Seattle, we target youth with some of the significant benefits of the program. Being a Non-Profit Organization, we do not have any monetary terms related to it and are purely an initiative for the better youths. In this conference, we will be organizing some activities and conversations with our youth-centric speakers, which will help students, explore the issues impacting them. This will also help them set their goals, explore other career options, and improve community service through experiences and learning. One-on-One Sessions with the mentors will help the students build some extra confidence, self-awareness, and determination.


Our programs have the set targets and initiatives we aim to achieve, ensuring the desired results in youths. The Seattle youth outreach organization provides appropriate tools to help them become successful adults. We provide them an engaging and supportive environment fostering the youth, and helping them succeed academically in life with youth and outreach services in Seattle.

The conference, on the other hand, will also offer hope, opportunity, and health to:

  • Youth’s parents will help them find a nurturing and safe environment for their kids, keep them active and engaging, and teach positive values to them.
  • Teens and Children develop self-confidence after achieving the feeling of support and acceptance.
  • Homeless young people and former foster kids also receive employment, housing, life skills, and all the other resources from working and learning.
  • It will also build hope for the families in crisis due to child abuse, mental health, substance or neglect abuse by assisting them with the resources and support from the speakers and counselors.
  • People, be it youth or adults from all walks of life and background, gather together to teach, inform, and strengthen the community.


​There are multiple benefits of the Outreach Program for the youths as it will help them in many ways.

  • This will help the youth to improve and work on their communication skills.
  • It will also provide them with the independence skills for youth development.
  • They will learn the tricks to collaborate and corporate with each other.
  • This will also help them explore their interest areas by tapping into their creative sides.
  • Engage them in the new activities, which will further help them discover their talent and hidden interests.

Apart from these, the programs organized by the Seattle youth organization will also teach some problem-solving skills in multiple ways using:

  • Adaptability, critical thinking, analytical and collaboration skills helping them to complete their projects.
  • Measurement and related problem-solving skills for the fashion students, helping them curate garments out of different materials.
  • Communications and reading skills for cooking students to follow up their recipes. For the teamwork, this will also help them learn some collaborative and cooperative skills and some writing skills for noting down the recipes.


​There are many reasons which make our Seattle youth organization different from the existing ones:

  • For many years, the youths trust our entity, and they have shown their trust in us for the benefits.
  • Our programs do fit all the communities’ needs, responding to the needs individually.
  • Our organization targets minors and gets assistance with youth aged up to 25 years, recognizing their needs and delivering the essentials.
  • We do not have any barriers to accessed care, and we also have recognized that sometimes it is the hardest thing for the youth to look for help. We will not turn them away and will assist them to our best.
  • Also, our organization is known for celebrating differences. Regardless of ethnicity, ancestry, race, skin color, religion, nation, or sex, we deliver our services to all the needy ones.
  • All the volunteers associated with our group are interviewed, screened, and trained.
  • The donations from our group are from individuals who have committed to assisting us with their bold visions and not chasing the dollars.